Linx Nigeria

Welcome to LINX NIGERIA.

Our primary aim is to be an online shop link for wholesalers and retailers across Nigeria and the globe.

LINX NIGERIA is characterized of 3 interfaces 1. Dealers (Locals and International Dealers), 2. Retailers (Locals and International), 3. General Retails/Buyers (Locals and International).

We are here to make retail shop owners not to have the need to go to distributors/importers shop, warehouses, or outlet to purchase or order for their item, rather they are avail such platform here to scout for whatever sphere the need maybe and as well get a fairer options of wholesale price offer, place orders and have their orders deliver to their shops in large quantities.

Our main target is to provide our users with almost wholesale price for everything you are buying from our platform.

Thank you and continue Shopping for more.

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