Biyetimi Multifunctional USB Flash Drive otg 2.0 pendrive 64gb cle usb флэш-накопител stick 32gb 16gb 8gb 4g Pen Drive for phone



  • Brand Name: BIYETIMI
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: B1-OTG
  • Product Type: Multifunctional
  • Package: Yes
  • Certification: CE
  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • Material: Metal
  • Encryption: No
  • flash drive: U stick
  • memory stick: OTG
  • usb 2.0: pen drive
  • pendrives: 32G
  • 64G: sandisk
  • usb stick: usb flash drive

Biyetimi Multifunctional USB Flash Drive pendrive 64gb cle usb stick 32gb 16gb 8gb 4gb usb 2.0 Pen Drive for android/pc memoria

P.S. It needs to be used on the phones that support OTG function

we will send the aliexpress saver shipping for the country which order is less than 5 dollors instead of aliexpress standard shipping

Multiple Colors Available

Reading speed: 8MB -15MB/sec
Writing speed: 4MB -6MB/sec
●USB 2.0 interface, with higher speed and higher stability
●Two-in-one design with micro USB and USB 2.0 connectors
●Easily transfer data between computers, tablets and smartphones
●Compatible with the OTG function of most Android smartphones and tablets
●Portable, lightweight, high-quality metal rotating cover can protect the connector
●Pre-loaded document viewing software for all major file formats
Just plug and play for file management

About capacity:
Due to different calculation methods, or the existence of faulty blocks, or some built-in software, the storage capacity of the USB flash drive may be less displayed on the PC. And the greater the capacity, the greater the deviation.
Calculation method in the warehousing industry:
1GB = 1000MB = 1000 * 1000KB = 1000 * 1000 * 1000B
Operating system calculation method:
1GB = 1024MB = 1024 * 1024KB = 1024 * 1024 * 1024B
Therefore, the 1GB storage in the operating system is displayed as: (1000^3)/(1024^3)≈0.93GB
4GB = Aproximadamente3.6 GB-3.8 GB
8GB = Aproximadamente7.4 GB-7.6 GB
16GB = Aproximadamente14GB-15GB
32GB = Aproximadamente27GB-30GB
64GB = Aproximadamente58GB-60GB
128GB = Aproximadamente110GB-120GB
256GB = Aproximadamente220GB-238GB
This is the calculated difference between the manufacturer and your PC, please get Google “USB Flash Drive Capacity” for more information.

Customer logo:
1. Order more than 50 pieces, no printing cost
2. For ordering more than 10 pieces and less than 50 pieces, we will charge a printing fee of $1.
3. Please note that our logo is laser printed and has no color.
If you need a custom logo, please contact our customer service.

1. In order to avoid data loss or mechanical damage, please do not turn off the computer power during transmission.
2. During use, do not remove the USB flash drive, otherwise data may be lost.
3. After using the USB flash drive, it is best to safely eject the USB flash drive from the computer, which will help extend its storage life.
4. Use FAT32 or exFAT to format the storage disk. Please do not format the USB flash drive frequently, otherwise the USB is easily damaged.
5. Your devices (such as TVs, car players, radios and other devices that need to recognize U disks) must have the latest USB driver to recognize U disks. Many old school can only recognize U disks below 32G.
6. Please check if your smartphone/tablet supports OTG function before placing an order
7. Type C adapter and chain are gifts. If there is a quality problem, you can apply for a replacement kit as a reminder in the next order. Due to disputes caused by gifts, we do not accept refunds.
8.If the U-disk can be recognized by Windows 7 and above computer, but failure of recognized by other devices, then it is the problem is matter with other device not with the U disk, please pay attention, thank you.

Usage suggestion: Please click “Safe Exit” in system before unplug the U disk after everytime finish using.


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